Our History - Little Sport Star

July 2011

Our daugher, Nina, is born

Nina was our inspiration. At Nina's baby shower, we had the idea to create a range of sports themed toys for babies.

July 2013

Little Sport Star appoint a chief tester of baby toys

Lucas was born two years after Nina. He was quickly appointed chief product tester of Little Sport Star toys.

January 2015

Australian Open

We launched our baby tennis racket at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

September 2015

Kids Preferred launch the first activity gym in the USA

In 2015 we met the owners of Kids Preferred at ABC Baby Show in Las Vegas. We agreed to work together and develop Little Sport Star toys together.

August 2016

We launch in Toys R US

Just when we thought we had hit a home run, Toys R Us filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy. We were devastated. It was not only an iconic and much loved store, they were our biggest client.

June 2018

Buy buy Baby launch our baby activity gym

We were delighted to hear that Buy Buy Baby wanted to stock our baby activity gym and play mat.

August 2018

Serena Williams asks to use Little Sport Star baby tennis racket

We were so excited when we learnt that Chase Manhattan Bank wanted to use our baby tennis racket in an ad with Serena Williams. We were so disappointed when it was cut in the final edit.

Why we created Little Sport Star

Nick and his wife had an amazing baby shower idea, to start a unique range of sports themed toys. They called the brand Little Sport Star. They wanted other parents to enjoy their favourite sports with their babies. Their baby shower idea caught on. By 2016 Little Sport Star was available in iconic stores such as Toys R Us and in 2018 were delighted when Serena Williams gave the baby tennis racket to her daughter, Olympia.