Baby shower idea: when and how we started Little Sport Star

Have you ever tried looking for a present for a friend’s baby, and thought “where do I start and actually, there is nothing that I like?”  That was me.  I wanted to find a friend a gift for his daughter but there was nothing that appealed to me.  I felt like an imposter going into the baby stores as most of them don’t expect to see men in there.  Until I had kids, I think I met all my friends playing sport, so it only seemed fitting that I would buy them a sporty present when they had a baby.  

Skip a few years, I launched Little Sport Star at the local baby show.  “I can’t believe no one has made that before!” was the common reaction.  I realised I had spotted a huge void in the baby market for parents like me, who loved sport and wanted to share their love of sport with their children.  We all shared a common view that we wanted physical exercise and sport to be a big part of our children’s upbringing.  We would rather our children grew up running around, or swimming, throwing a ball around, than playing on their screen all day.   

I was definitely a doodler as a kid.  I have wanted to turn inanimate objects into characters.  I was also really good at it.  It seemed only natural to draw a face on a tennis racket, and make it a cute little baby toy.   I then made a golf club, and a football, a rugby ball etc.   I thought this is easy and now I want to grow a family of fun baby and toddler toys with smiley faces and all with a sporty theme.  

Our first break in the US was in 2015. I remember the day well. I flew into Las Vegas to meet a well-known toy company, who were exhibiting at one of the premier baby shows in the US.  On day one of the show, I asked them if they would consider working with me, and was positively surprised when they agreed, straight away.  They saw the potential and understood that sport is a universal language that most parents understand around the world.

From the sketches I made at my kitchen table in London to the conquering the US took about 4 years when my toys were rolled out across Toys R Us in the US.  It was proof that mums and dads around the world loved what we were doing.  Unfortunately, the initial euphoria was shortlived as Toys R Us went into administration.  

After the initial shock that Toys R Us was going into administration, I realised that the future was online.  We are now focusing entirely online – this website and Amazon.  We now only sell online.   

Thanks for reading our story.  Please browse the toys on the site.  



My best friend had just had a baby. This friend was special and loved sport so I was looking for a sporty gift for a baby. I couldn't find anything so I sketched out a few ideas for some toys, contacted some famous toy designers and together we created Little Sport Star. Since then we have sold our toys around the world, won prestigious awards from the nursery industry but nothing pleases me more than seeing your children enjoying our toys. Each toy comes with 100% happiness guaranteed and the promise of a lifetime of sport ahead.