Little Sport Star soccer baby activity gym and play mat

Why our designer is most proud of the baby activity gym and play mat

30th July 2018 lssproduction

Hi, I’m Caz, the designer at Little Sports Star and my favourite toy is our baby activity gym.  I developed the original sports themed baby toys and the baby activity gym and play mat with Nick.  I first started helping Nick develop the design of his brand Little Sports Star back in 2013. We had lots in common as we both had a very young family with toddlers of the same age and so developed a good working relationship.



My best friend had just had a baby. This friend was special and loved sport so I was looking for a sporty gift for a baby. I couldn't find anything so I sketched out a few ideas for some toys, contacted some famous toy designers and together we created Little Sport Star. Since then we have sold our toys around the world, won prestigious awards from the nursery industry but nothing pleases me more than seeing your children enjoying our toys. Each toy comes with 100% happiness guaranteed and the promise of a lifetime of sport ahead.