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All sport baby activity gym and play mat

Product code: 22015

We imported this multi sport gym from our American partners.  It was a best seller in the iconic Toys R Us stores up until 2018.

Scroll down to read about the features and the story behind our all sport baby gym.

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Everything you need to know

Product description

This was the second in our line of baby activity gyms.  We designed the all sports baby activity gym and play mat as an exclusive for Toys R Us in the USA.  This gym has been imported from the USA.

We launched the gym in August 2016 in a few stores across America.  By Christmas 2016, it was one of their best sellers.   When Toys R Us went into bankruptcy, our sales lost momentum as they had an exclusive deal with us to sell this gym.  To avoid the disappointment again, we are now selling the gym exclusively through our website in the UK.

The gyms combines all the major US sports:  baseball, basketball, soccer and football.

The play mat is super soft and provides lots of fun for your baby.  One of our customers said the gym is larger than most but we have yet to find one that is bigger.

The walls of the gym fold up or down.  The idea of the walls is to create a little stadium effect.  When the walls are up, your baby can see a team of adoring fans.

The arches are detachable.  When your baby is little, you will probably want the arches up.  When they are older, you can take them down and the base play mat, becomes a stand-alone play mat.  It is important for your baby to develop their core muscles and the padded surface of the mat is ideal for a bit of tummy time.

From the arches, we have decorated different features for your little one to grab onto or bite.  The highlight is usually the ball, which cheers when you catch it.

The baby gym includes a simple mirror.  We like to think this is for instant replays of all the action on the pitch.  Babies are captivated by light and reflections, and this feature is a brilliant for their early visual development.

The actual play mat measures 3 x 33 x 25 inches

Why we created Little Sport Star

Nick and his wife had an amazing baby shower idea, to start a unique range of sports themed toys. They called the brand Little Sport Star. They wanted other parents to enjoy their favourite sports with their babies. Their baby shower idea caught on. By 2016 Little Sport Star was available in iconic stores such as Toys R Us and in 2018 were delighted when Serena Williams gave the baby tennis racket to her daughter, Olympia.