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Baby baseball bat

Product code: 22001 USA

This baseball bat has been our best seller but our stock levels are low.  In fact, we will run out of stock soon.  Our skilled toy makers are currently making more but they are experiencing the same delays as everyone else at the moment.

Please order now to avoid disappointment.


The important stuff: All toys certified and tested to the golden standards of US, European and Australian safety legislation; the gold standard of Toy safety.

The boring stuff: Registered UPC / EAN: 5060749950030

The parental bit: take your first step to becoming a baseball mom or dad today!



Everything you need to know

Product description

Three problems that any baseball moms and dad experience have.

  1. Whose turn is it to change the diaper?
  2. Why is the baby is crying?
  3. How soon till they can play baseball together?

I am afraid, we can only answer the third question.  For questions one and two, go to google.

We developed the baby baseball bat for families whose biggest problem is when and how to play baseball with their little one.  Baseball runs in the blood of some lucky little ones.  We want to give those lucky baseball stars the option of starting their baseball journey today.

Some of our baseball stars were born with a Little Sport Star baseball bat waiting for them.  Others were bought their baseball bat as a baby gift.   After their first feed, some special babies will instinctively look for their baby baseball bat because they can't wait to play.  Others, need to be introduced to baseball by a friend or family member.  You don't need to worry.  Some might little ones might get to the first base quicker, but they all get round the ball park eventually.

We developed this Baseball bat with super soft fabric that is soft to touch and great to cuddle.  The handle squeaks and the bat crunches.  It comes with a handy clip that you can attach to you stroller.  Some babies will want to swing the bat around, other just want to sleep with it.  However however babies play with this bat, it's a great way to develop baby hand eye coordination.

Little Sport Star is an award-winning sports brand for babies.  We only make sports themed toys, so we want to make sure we make them well and make them fun.  We are so confident that baseball families will like this bat, that we will refund you if you don't like it.  Just to repeat, 100% satisfaction guarantee - just e-mail me.

If that baby toy guarantee is not enough, if your baby does not play Major League Baseball by the time they are 30 years old, we will give you even give you compensation!  (Hey, I know that last bit is unrealistic because you aren't likely to keep a copy of this order, but seriously, if you don't like it, just let us know.)

So, what is the next step.  We want you to buy this baseball bat today whilst stocks are available.  Imagine the enormous sense of satisfaction and rush of endorphins when you buy this toy, knowing that you are starting a little baseball star on a baseball journey they will enjoy for the rest of their life.






My best friend had just had a baby. This friend was special and loved sport so I was looking for a sporty gift for a baby. I couldn't find anything so I sketched out a few ideas for some toys, contacted some famous toy designers and together we created Little Sport Star. Since then we have sold our toys around the world, won prestigious awards from the nursery industry but nothing pleases me more than seeing your children enjoying our toys. Each toy comes with 100% happiness guaranteed and the promise of a lifetime of sport ahead.