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Baby tennis racket

Product code: 22002 USA

An Exclusive Baby Toy for Tennis Players.

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Everything you need to know

Product description

Our baby tennis racket was the first in the range of Little Sport Star.  We created it because my wife and I are both keen tennis players and we were looking for a tennis inspired toy for our daughter when she was born.  When we couldn't find one, we started making our own.

And the rest is history, our baby tennis racket has gone on to sell all over the world and has been a popular toy with tennis players around the world.  Most of our customers are ordinary tennis players, some belong to tennis royalty - even Grand Slam and Olympic finalists.

Although, all babies are born equal, we like to think that giving them a baby tennis racket gives your baby a definite advantage.  Imagine how good Roger or Serena would have been if this tennis racket had been around when they were little!

In our first year a well known English newspaper, the Sunday Telegraph, ran a feature about it on the 2012 Wimbledon finals day describing it as a "big hit".  The puns have not stopped there.  The tennis racket has featured in multiple international newspapers, in baby magazine and in the nursery industry.  I even got a mention in Entrepreneur Magazine on fathers day.

Our original racket was released was first sold in 2012.  it was similar to the current racket but this is the 2021 edition baby tennis racket, with improved features.  We've tweaked the design and improved the original racket.

Tennis is for everyone and so we wanted to make a gender neutral toy.  Please don't tell me that the blue is for boys, because that will really wind me up.  And definitely don't tell me that sport is for boy because that winds me up even more.  One major retailer once told me that sport is for boys, and I was staggered.  Gender is irrelevant!  The world is divided by those who play tennis, and those who don't, not by gender.

The latest tennis racket from Little Sport Star has improved sensory and developmental features to entertain you little one.  Check out the squeaker in the handle and the rattle in the ball.  Babies love tags - don't ask me why - so we added some extra tags.  The colors are bright, providing much needed stimulation for your baby to enjoy in their first years.  It is a great toy, frequently a favourite.

Thanks for reading this far.  If you are still unsure whether this racket is a great toy or just a silly idea by an over pushy parent, I promise to give you your money back if your baby doen't like it.  100% satisfaction guarantee, that's the best I can offer!  if you baby doesn't win a Grand Slam by the time they are 30, I will give you a $100 compensation straight away.

When you have bought it, how will you feel?  You should feel proud that you have started a lifelong passion for a sport that you clearly enjoy yourself.  Remember, there are two type of people in this world, those who play tennis and those who don't!



My best friend had just had a baby. This friend was special and loved sport so I was looking for a sporty gift for a baby. I couldn't find anything so I sketched out a few ideas for some toys, contacted some famous toy designers and together we created Little Sport Star. Since then we have sold our toys around the world, won prestigious awards from the nursery industry but nothing pleases me more than seeing your children enjoying our toys. Each toy comes with 100% happiness guaranteed and the promise of a lifetime of sport ahead.