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A cute security blanket for football fans

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We introduced our football security blanket in 2018 to help our babies when they want to sleep.

Read below the story how this comfort blanket has already become a bit success in the USA.

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Everything you need to know

Product description

We asked our designers to come up with a security blanket that fits into the Little Sport Star range and that babies would help them go to sleep.

Our designers have years of experience and they advised that babies find it most comforting if their security blankets have character.  With our sporty theme, we came up with our cute little dog who is clinging onto his blanket, in much the same way your child will do.

His cute nose, one black eye and floppy ears are adorable.  I also love the way that the black and white ball matches the colour of our little doggie.  The combo works well together.

The blanket is sewn to the dog, so they are inseparable.   Hopefully, your little one will be equally attached to this security blanket.  Some people say that it is best to buy three security blankets.  Whilst one is being used, the other is in the wash and the third is your back up.  But that's your choice!

I was totally surprised when our football toys took off in the USA.  I had no idea how much the US love their football - or soccer as they call it.  But why not?  It is a great game.  We first sold this toy in Walmart in the USA, where it has become a big success.

What age is this suitable for?  It is a really common question.  Some babies are given security blankets from birth and can't be separated from them for years.  I know one child who is at school and still comes back to her security blanket for a good nights sleep.

Have a look at our football teddy which features the same little doggie.  if you are looking for a gift idea, these two together make a wonderful gift for a family that loves football.

Why we created Little Sport Star

Nick and his wife had an amazing baby shower idea, to start a unique range of sports themed toys. They called the brand Little Sport Star. They wanted other parents to enjoy their favourite sports with their babies. Their baby shower idea caught on. By 2016 Little Sport Star was available in iconic stores such as Toys R Us and in 2018 were delighted when Serena Williams gave the baby tennis racket to her daughter, Olympia.