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Football baby activity gym and play mat

Product code: 22000

Let your baby enjoy their first kick on our soccer themed baby activity gym and play mat and celebrate with them as they score their first goal.



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Product description

Our football (or soccer... yes, some people prefer soccer) themed baby activity gym and play mat is based on an actual pitch.   Some say the arches remind them of Wembley... maybe, they are actually just there as they are practical.  I designed it when my daughter was born and there were no gyms that appealed to me, a dad.  I wanted something I could get involved with too.

Let me talk you through the gym.  You are already your baby's biggest fan but we wanted to give them even more support.  Unlike any other baby gym, we created a mini fan club from day one.  Fans adorn the walls of this baby stadium. Your baby can lie on the super soft green play mat, practice rolling around and spending quality tummy time whilst being watched from their adoring fan club.  Watch them kick the overhead football or tussle with the players hanging from the arches and babies will love to watch the reflection in the mirror and to hear the roar of the ball when they strike the ball. Did I mention that this baby gym is great for dribbling practice? I am talking about baby dribbling - because that is what babies do best.  The play mat is machine washable so you are all set for your first game.  No boots on the hallowed turf.  It is tough, but not that tough.

There is space for two of you in there (just).  It is one of the bigger activity gym, measuring 3 x 33 x 25 inches.

Why we created Little Sport Star

Nick and his wife had an amazing baby shower idea, to start a unique range of sports themed toys. They called the brand Little Sport Star. They wanted other parents to enjoy their favourite sports with their babies. Their baby shower idea caught on. By 2016 Little Sport Star was available in iconic stores such as Toys R Us and in 2018 were delighted when Serena Williams gave the baby tennis racket to her daughter, Olympia.